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50 Cent announces release date for “The Lost Tape”

By The Hip Hop Writer
Hip Hop Vibe Staff Writer

Having trouble securing an album release date, 50 Cent promised his fans he would still deliver new material. Returning to what made him famous in the first place, 50 Cent has returned to releasing mixtapes. Even with the success of his early albums, 50 Cent always released mixtapes, but they were usually him alongside his G-Unit family.

Late last year, 50 Cent released The Big 10, which was met with strong critical reviews. Every album since Get Rich or Die Tryin,’ 50 Cent would always compare to his 2003 effort. Before he released each new album, 50 Cent always says it will put his debut to shame. Each album, for various reasons, comes up short. Ironically, The Big 10 did not and it was a mixtape.

Only four months after The Big 10 was released, 50 Cent is preparing to release another mixtape, the project he announced with DJ Drama in 2008. After drawing so much attention to himself over his first Gangsta Grillz mixtape, 50 Cent never released the project. Recently, 50 Cent reached out to DJ Drama, once again, and they put the mixtape together.

50 Cent recently took to his Twitter to announce the official release date for The Lost Tape, named this due to the four-year delay, which is May 15.