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Jadakiss talks new hairstyle with MTV “Sucker Free” [VIDEO]

By The Hip Hop Writer
Hip Hop Vibe Staff Writer

In a rap game where styles often change, Jadakiss has remained the same. Jadakiss is still very mid-1990s in many ways. Despite this, Jadakiss is probably more popular now than he ever was before. Since the release of his 2004 single, “Why?,” off his album, The Kiss of Death, Jadakiss has remained in the news.

Until recently, Jadakiss had not made many changes in his career. Each of his albums featured the term “kiss.” When he began working on his third album, eventually released in 2009, Jada originally planned for the album to be called Kiss My Ass. Signed to Def Jam, which had battled with Nas over his album title, they eventually settled for The Last Kiss with Jadakiss.

Jadakiss said the album marked a new era in his career, as his future albums would not feature the word, “kiss” in the title. As he prepares his next album, Top 5 Dead or Alive, Jadakiss has kept the mixtape scene hot. Recently, he announced his Consignment mixtape, where he is sporting a new hairstyle. Typically known for his bald, shaven, head, Jadakiss now has a ceaser.

Recently, Jadakiss spoke with MTV’s “Sucker Free” about his new hairstyle.

Watch the entire interview below: