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Ma$e speaks on “Slight Work (remix)” and Diddy

By The Hip Hop Writer
Hip Hop Vibe Staff Writer

It was a little over a week ago when a picture surfaced of Ma$e in the studio with Rick Ross, DJ Khaled, and French Montana. After the picture circulated the internet, there were rumors of another comeback effort from Ma$e. Once the biggest rapper in the game, Ma$e gave it all up to become a pastor, returning from a five-year hiatus as a clean rapper. Within a year, Ma$e abandonded his clean rapper persona, leaving the ministry to return to his hardcore roots.

Since 2009, Ma$e has been out of the public eye. When he last made news, Ma$e revealed he was working with French Montana. At the time, French Montana was still a relatively unknown artist. In a span of three years, things have drastically changed. For Ma$e, things have drastically changed, as he went from forgotten to discussed, to appearing on the remix of Wale’s “Slight Work,” alongside his former boss, Diddy, and French Montana.

Ma$e spoke on the collaboration with Funkmaster Flex, explaining how the collaboration came to life, reuniting Ma$e and Diddy. It turns out, French Montana made the collaboration happen, as he works closely with Wale’s label, Maybach Music, and he is signed to Bad Boy Records, instantly putting them back on the map in December. Ma$e said he went to the studio and recorded with French Montana and Wale. After recording his verse, he was surprised to hear Diddy on it, who was also surprised to hear Ma$e on it. Putting beef rumors to rest, Ma$e said he and Diddy do not have issues with each other and they never had.