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Suge Knight threatens Rick Ross

By The Hip Hop Writer
Hip Hop Vibe Staff Writer

For years, Rick Ross has been the Teflon Don of hip hop. No matter what is said about him, nothing has made the fans turn against him. Rick Ross has been able to win over many veterans of the game, first receiving co-signs from the members of Cash Money Records. One thing eluded Rick Ross, even with the popularity, but this has now changed as Rick Ross and Dr. Dre have now started working together.

The year before, Rick Ross released a single called “Tupac Back” with his Philadelphia artist, Meek Mill, which became a summer anthem. Rick Ross said “Tupac Back” was released to show people who Tupac really was. There is a lot of discussion about Tupac Shakur, but Rick Ross said many younger fans do not know much about him and the song was a history-lesson, as opposed to name-dropping.

With the recent Tupac performance at Coachella 2012, many have been saying “Tupac back” to themselves, both referencing the song and discussing Tupac’s performance. Not many have had negative things to say about Tupac Shakur’s performance. Earlier tonight, Suge Knight said he believes Tupac Shakur could still be alive.

Following his statement, which was captured by TMZ, Suge Knight spoke  with 93.5’s Tattoo and Cee Cee. During the interview, Suge Knight revealed he is one of the few who is not impressed by Rick Ross. Enraged over the “Tupac Back” single, Suge Knight said he will “slap the dog shit out of Rick Ross.” While he is a fan of Rick Ross’ music, Suge Knight feels he disrespected Tupac Shakur with the song and said he is willing to “throw hands” over it. In the past, Suge Knight had a run-in with G-Unit over a name-drop of him on their Beg For Mercy album.

Suge Knight said he does not know Rick Ross personally and credited his talent. But, he feels it is disrespectful of him to release a song and title it “Tupac Back,” while he runs around with Diddy. Backing off his “Tupac alive” theory, Suge Knight placed blame on Diddy for Tupac’s death.