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Lil Wayne tops nominations list at 2012 Billboard Music Awards

By The Hip Hop Writer
Hip Hop Vibe Staff Writer

It has been five years since Lil Wayne rose to the top of the game. Hip hop was in need of a new leader and the call was answered by Lil Wayne, who has since built a solid team around him. Early in Lil Wayne’s run, he was criticized for not having a crew, which he solved with expanding Young Money. Later, Lil Wayne was criticized for his lack of business ventures, which he has solved with a clothing and shoe line.

Briefly, Lil Wayne was also criticized for his lack of awards, something he corrected immediately following the release of Tha Carter III. Since Tha Carter III, Lil Wayne has released four albums and he has another album planned for release in 2012. Releasing new music yearly, fans have come to expected to always hear from the leader of Young Money.

Lil Wayne has many high-profile performances under his belt, such as the Grammys. Billboard is one chart that has been dominated by Lil Wayne for years. Now, the Billboard awards have a strong chance of being swept by Lil Wayne. Out of all the hip hop artists, Lil Wayne has the most nominations with ten, among them is Top Male Artist, Top 200 Billboard Album, Top Rap Album and Top Rap Artist.