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Big Sean speaks on advice from Kanye West

By The Hip Hop Writer
Hip Hop Vibe Staff Writer

The wave Big Sean created last year was something many were not expecting. For years, Big Sean complained about his album constantly being pushed back. “Better late than never” is definitely a phrase which describes Big Sean and the long-overdue release of Finally Famous. Big Sean immediately rose to the top of the game, putting himself in the same category of Drake and other big names.

Big Sean’s rise is comparable to that of Kanye West’s in many ways. Kanye West, a member of Jay-Z’s movement, Roc-A-Fella Records, face many of the same issues with his debut album. When he was finally given a release date, Kanye West did not disappoint. Due to his success, Kanye West was immediately put back into the studio to record another new album. Big Sean is in the same position right now, recording a new album.

Recently, caught up with Big Sean and he told them of the advice Kanye West has given to him. Big Sean said Kanye West often tells him he has to be better than him. Kanye West, who said he is passing his secrets down to him, wants him to be the best because he is the younger generation. A little less than a decade ago, Jay-Z was giving this same advice to Kanye West, telling him to be better than he was. Years later, many consider Kanye West to be in the same category of Jay-Z, but Kanye West is telling Big Sean to be better than both him and Jay-Z.