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Tyler, the Creator to host “Punk’d” [VIDEO]

By The Hip Hop Writer
Hip Hop Vibe Staff Writer

The past year has been a dream come true for Tyler, the Creator. Following years of releasing music on the internet, Tyler, the Creator built a strong fan base. Now considered one of the most-popular rappers in the game, Tyler, the Creator is an award-winning rapper and immensely popular.

Fans have gotten a chance to know Tyler, the Creator on a personal level, as he leaves very little to the imagination. As evidenced by the music videos, Tyler, the Creator appreciates a good joke. More than he loves jokes, Tyler, the Creator loves pulling pranks and other practical jokes.

This made Tyler, the Creator the perfect host for the latest episode of MTV’s “Punk’d.” In the initial run of “Punk’d,” which was hosted by “Two and a Half Men” star, Ashton Kutcher, the series pulled pranks on celebrities. The revamped version of the show features celebrities pulling pranks on other celebrities.

Watch the entire video below: