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David Banner to talk 1992 L.A. Riots at Harvard University

By The Hip Hop Writer
Hip Hop Vibe Staff Writer

Initially viewed as a typical Southern rapper, David Banner completely reinvented himself in 2007, shedding his weight and building a muscular frame. During this period of time, David Banner showed another side of himself when he spoke at BET’s “Hip Hop vs. America.” David Banner intelligently voiced his opinion and soon Banner became one of the few, relevant, socially-conscious rappers in the game.

Over the past five years, David Banner has been bringing up relevant topics. Recently, David Banner spoke on the brutal murder of Trayvon Martin. When tough events happen, both hip hop and mainstream news have come to count on David Banner to deliver his opinion. Because of this, many have called upon David Banner to lecture on various topics.

Even twenty years after the Los Angeles riots in the urban communities, it is still a hot-button topic and has become a major part of American history. Much like other topics, David Banner has an opinion the people want to hear. Harvard University has invited David Banner to speak on the Los Angeles riots and he said it was an honor to be invited to talk about how the urban community can better themselves.