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French Montana talks Ma$e collaboration with XXL

By The Hip Hop Writer
Hip Hop Vibe Staff Writer

Before he was as well-known as he currently is, French Montana was rumored to be working with Ma$e, who was working on a comeback release during this period of time. At the time, French Montana was being shopped by Akon, but was relatively unknown. French Montana would soon take matters into his own hands following his initial work with Ma$e and made a home for himself with his old label.

Since associating himself with Rick Ross and being courted by Jay-Z and Diddy, French Montana has not been around as many artists as he was before. There were some who tried to cause a rift between French Montana and Max B, with French signing with Bad Boy and Max behind bars. Those efforts failed when it was revealed that Max B would be featured on Excuse My French.

French Montana has also continued to have a strong relationship with Ma$e, with a photo surfacing online with Ma$e in the studio with French Montana’s crew. As indicated by the photo, Ma$e has already collaborated with French Montana. Recently, XXL reached out to French Montana, asking him about his collaboration with Ma$e.

During his interview with XXL, French Montana said he has recorded two songs with Rick Ross and Ma$e. While there are two songs recorded, French Montana does not know where the tracks will land. French Montana said one of the songs will either be featured on his upcoming debut album, Excuse My French or Rick Ross’ God Forgives, I Don’t.