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Chox-Mak to appear on Coast 97.3 today at 4:00 pm

By The Hip Hop Writer
Hip Hop Vibe Staff Writer

Searching for ways to build a stronger buzz, Chox-Mak decided to return to the studio and the result was a flurry of projects, starting with Fist of the North Star. In the time since then, Chox-Mak has released several mixtapes and EPs, including doing a collaborative project with Bunty Beats in the United Kingdom. Among the new material recorded during this period of time was “The One For Me,” which features N-Tone.

“The One For Me” has become the most-popular songs out of all the new music recorded by Chox-Mak over the past few months. After spending the closing months of 2011 and the opening months of 2012 recording, Chox-Mak is now ready to present his new music. His N-Tone-assisted single, “The One For Me” has gained siginifcant radio play, being played in radio stations in the United States and being played in the United Kingdom.

Chox-Mak will debut “The One For Me” on Wilmington, North Carolina-based radio station, Coast 97.3, and will sit down for an interview. However, Chox-Mak will not be alone when he sits down with Coast, as he will be accompanied by his manager, AYP. Today at 4:00 pm, Chox-Mak will be live on Coast 97.3 to premiere his single, which was released back in February.