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Album Review: Future – “Pluto”

By Hardcore Critic
Hip Hop Vibe Staff Writer

What Future has done over the past year is much bigger than himself and his Free Bandz movement. What Future has done over the past year has returned Atlanta to prominence in the rap game, following two years of obscurity. It was one year ago, around this time, when Future began living up to his name, delivering his “Tony Montana” hit, which would change his career.

Initially a mixtape track, “Tony Montana” became very popular, leading Drake to request to be on the remix. Following Drake, Lil Wayne even asked to be featured on “Tony Montana,” but Future turned him down because he did not want to be overshadowed. One year later, it is abundantly clear that Future is a star in his own right, regardless of who is on the track. A deal with Epic Records placed Future in the studio to record his Pluto debut.

Future has had no trouble gaining collaborations from big names, as T.I. requested to be featured on the next Future single, “Magic.” Well over six months after the release of “Magic,” the single is still popular, all over the radio. No trouble making hits, Future has returned with his “Same Damn Time” single, the first single with no feature from Future. While Future is not a mind-blowing lyricist, he makes music fans can enjoy, as all of his singles are something people can dance to.

Because of his laid-back style, it does not matter who is on the track with Future, each track is laid-back, yet still something people can enjoy partying to. However, the downfall of Pluto comes because Future is seemingly unable to change things up. In a rap game where diversity is coveted, Future’s music is very repetitive. While Future becomes repetitive, it should not stop anyone from checking out Pluto, as it is well worth the listen, as Future proves he can hold is own, as he shared tracks with Juicy J, Big Rube, Snoop Dogg, and R. Kelly, aside from the members of his own Free Bandz team.

Everyone has to start somewhere and after dominating the Atlanta mixtape scene, Future finally released his debut album, which became known as Pluto. With Pluto being a start, a good one at that, the “future” is bright for Future and fans should expect more quality album releases from him in the future.

Hip Hop Vibe’s Review: 6/10