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G. Dep convicted of Second Degree murder

By The Hip Hop Writer
Hip Hop Vibe Staff Writer

There were many who were shocked to hear from G. Dep towards the end of 2010. G. Dep had last released an album in 2005 and had last been relevant following his single, “Like Woah.” When G. Dep returned to the headlines, he came with a shocker. The former Bad Boy emcee turned himself in for a murder committed in 1993.

Seventeen years, at the time, had passed with G. Dep amassing fortune and fame. Because of this, many people questioned why G. Dep turned himself in. Once a legal team was involved, G. Dep pled ‘not guilty,’ leading to more questions of why G. Dep turned himself in. But, given his drug use and a case of the person he attacked not being the person who died led to many wondering if he was accused of the wrong crime.

G. Dep has been on trial for a little over a week. The verdict is now in and G. Dep has been convicted of second degree murder. Now, G. Dep will be spending a minimum of fifteen years behind bars and his prison stint will begin on May 8.