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Plies performing at The Ambassador in St. Louis on May 5

By The Hip Hop Writer
Hip Hop Vibe Staff Writer

Since the 2010 release of Goon Affiliated, Plies has fallen out of the spotlight. Plies burst onto the scene during the summer of 2007, closely affiliated with DJ Khaled and Rick Ross. By 2008, Plies had become one of the biggest names in the rap game. Releasing two albums in the same year, Plies had become the go-to guy for songs dedicated to the ladies.

Early in 2009, Plies had a strong buzz, but decided to take the year off, after releasing two albums over the course of 2008. During this break, Plies released a minor hit in the form of “Becky,” creating a new slang term, still used three years after the song debuted. However, it would be another year before Plies released a new album and the commercial reception was not the same.

Taking another year off, Plies has been steadily coming back. Earlier this year, Plies released his On Trial mixtape, which has been met with strong critical reviews. The mixtape is to be followed by a new album from the South Florida rapper. While he works on new music, he will still be making his rounds, performing in St. Louis on May 5.

Plies will be performing at The Ambassador in St. Louis, courtesy of Wop Wop Wow, JB, and KB Snacks. For more information about the upcoming Plies concert, call or text (314) 249-6836 or (314) 367-2757.