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No Decision Reached in G. Dep’s Murder Trial

By The Hip Hop Writer
Hip Hop Vibe Staff Writer

Before he gained fame at Bad Boy Records, G. Dep was a street hustler, which is the story of many rappers. Unlike most rappers, who discuss their crimes on their records, G. Dep turned himself in to law enforcement. In 1993, G. Dep robbed a man who later died from the wounds. Upon turning himself in, G. Dep pled guilty to murder charges.

When a legal team was appointed, G. Dep would plead ‘not guilty,’ leading many to question why he even turned himself in. Because he waited seventeen years to turn himself in, many felt G. Dep’s judgment was not the best in the world. G. Dep eventually revealed he only turned himself in as a part of a 12-step program and felt he was being charged for the wrong crime.

G. Dep’s legal team not only feels he is being charged for the wrong crime, they also question their client’s sanity, as he has been using drugs for well over two decades. With all of this in question, following four days of deliberation, the jury has not been able to reach a decision in G. Dep’s trial.  G. Dep’s legal team continues to insist the man he shot is not the same man he is being charged for murdering.

The trial is set to continue tomorrow.