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Is Nicki Minaj going to stop rapping?

By The Hip Hop Writer
Hip Hop Vibe Staff Writer

It is hard to believe it has only been two years since Nicki Minaj was formally introduced to the world through her eccentric lyrics. Once she made her first major appearance, on Ludacris’ hit single, “My Chick Bad,” Nicki Minaj became a household name. Even before her 2009 signing with Young Money, Nicki Minaj was well on her way to superstardom.

Nicki Minaj has become one of the most-discussed names in the game. Initially a street rapper, she has done the impossible and has completely taken over the pop charts. In terms of overall growth, this is very impressive. But, because of her rap roots, many longtime Nicki Minaj fans were disappointed. The criticism of Nicki Minaj has been heavy and has been somewhat disappointing to her.

Recently, Nicki Minaj decided to deactivate her Twitter account in an attempt to get away from the frenzy. With her Twitter temporarily down, Nicki Minaj has continued to vent over her frustration in how things have gone. Since taking her Twitter down, Nicki Minaj has released a statement about the rap game, almost making it seem as if she is already preparing to retire.

Read Nicki Minaj’s statement below:

“It’s very hard, mentally, this sh-t is draining. For you to be able to get up there and do music that people love, and do interviews with a smile on your face and act like this sh-t ain’t getting to you, it’s draining. That’s why so many artists go on drugs or become alcoholics. When I was coming up, I never understood it. I use to be like, ‘What? They are so ungrateful, why are they on drugs, why don’t they f-cking appreciate their success, I would kill to be where they are’, until you get here and you are like, ‘Lord is this the price I have to pay if I really want this.”