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Mobb Deep attends New York Knicks game

By The Hip Hop Writer
Hip Hop Vibe Staff Writer

R.I.P. Mobb Deep (1992-2012), not so fast! Before the rumors of beef between one of hip hop’s closest duos, Mobb Deep was in the middle of a strong comeback. Along with new music, Mobb Deep enjoyed free promotion from the New York Knicks. With the Knicks suddenly a playoff team again, New York has been excited.

Because the Knicks have a reliable bench, the bench players from the Knicks began referring to themselves as Mobb Deep. Their nickname prompted ESPN to contact Mobb Deep for an interview. Havoc and Prodigy interviewed with ESPN and provided an analysis of their hometown team.

Unfortunately, their next headline would be surrounded by negativity. Twitter posts from Havoc appeared to be taking shots at his right-hand-man, Prodigy. In the Twitter rant, Havoc made it clear there was no hack and Sway Calloway reportedly sent a text message to Havoc, asking if the tweets were real and Havoc supposedly confirmed. Hours later, Havoc revealed his Twitter had been hacked, but the story did not quite add up.

Over the past week, fans have had questions, but the picture above is from only a few hours ago when Mobb Deep, together, attended the New York Knicks’ game, watching their “Mobb Deep.” Previously, there were “sources close to Mobb Deep” who claimed the duo would not be releasing any more new music together. Strange things are known to happen in hip hop and things are often not what they appear, but things appear to be working out for Mobb Deep, as the two have made a public appearance.