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Illboyz return with New Episode

By The Hip Hop Writer
Hip Hop Vibe Staff Writer

Known for their exclusive footage from many of the big names in hip hop, Illboyz also provide coverage for talent in their native, Germany. Nearly a month has passed since Illboyz last released new footage. At the time, footage was released from Bad Boy’s, Red Cafe, who performed at Docks in Hamburg, Germany in October.

Earlier today, Illboyz released their latest clip, which features Phrequincy, a super-producer in Germany. Phrequincy has produced for many of the premier artists in Germany. Making an international name for himself, Phrequincy has also produced for United States artists, Young Buck and Kool G Rap.

Later today, the Phrequincy interview with Illboyz will be posted on Hip Hop Vibe, available for viewers. In the meantime, Illboyz followers can watch the older clips which are posted on Hip Hop Vibe. Clips already included feature content from WC and Ice Cube, along with Redman and many others.