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G. Dep says he was Pinned for the Wrong Crime

By The Hip Hop Writer
Hip Hop Vibe Staff Writer

By 2010, G. Dep, “Like Woah,” had been virtually forgotten, as he had not released new music in nearly five years and Bad Boy Records had moved on. During the holiday season, G. Dep returned to the headlines when he confessed to a homicide he committed in 1993. Following his act of taking a life, G. Dep gained fortune and fame, leading many to question why he was giving it up.

More shocking than G. Dep confessing to murder was him pleading “not guilty” when he pled, admitting he only thought he robbed the victim. Since G. Dep confessed to murder, there has been a lot of discussion about what truly happened. G. Dep once said he only thought he was confessing to robbery to saying he confessed as a part of a 12-step program.

With the trial set to begin, G. Dep discussed his situation, saying he has been pinned for the wrong crime. Now, G. Dep is arguing the man he shot during a botched robbery is not the man who was murdered in 1993. There are several inconsistencies in the description of the man and G. Dep’s defense is arguing about his drug use throughout the 1990s, when the shooting/murder occurred, and 2010, when he confessed.