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DJ Drama talks working with 50 Cent

By The Hip Hop Writer
Hip Hop Vibe Staff Writer

Coming out of the gate and selling millions of records his first two times out, 50 Cent realized his popularity had dropped by 2007. By this time, the We the Best movement, led by then-Terror Squad member, DJ Khaled, had taken the radio waves and television over. With DJ Khaled being considered Fat Joe’s right-hand-man, 50 Cent began dissing various members of the movement.

Many of the artists working with DJ Khaled were also working with DJ Drama. 50 Cent continued dissing various artists who worked with both DJs well into 2008. Given his status in the game, as a major label artist, many were shocked when 50 Cent announced he and DJ Drama were teaming up for a Gangsta Grillz mixtape. To date, the mixtape has yet to drop.

Nearly a month ago, this mixtape again became a topic of discussion. 50 Cent revealed he was preparing to release the project, The Lost Tape, this summer. With the mixtape in the works, once again, many are curious about it actually being released. DJ Drama discussed the new mixtape with The Boombox.

Read DJ Drama’s statement below:

“We ran into each other at my party out there. I think I said a joke to him real quick about [doing a Gangsta Grillz tape], like, ‘You playing…,’ because a while ago we were supposed to be doing a G-Unit tape that never happened and we’ve been discussing some things. I was with his man Rene from G-Unit, went backstage after the show and mentioned it to him. But after that we never really spoke…People were calling, saying 50 went on Twitter and said he ’bout to drop the tape. So I was like, ‘Cool. It’s real.’ It’s good, because him doing that created a lot of anticipation and excitement and I’m looking forward to it.”