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Lil Wayne talks new album, “Devol”

By The Hip Hop Writer
Hip Hop Vibe Staff Writer

Once he finally released Tha Carter IV, fans were glad to finally have the album Lil Wayne promised for years. Due to several delays, Lil Wayne delivered multiple albums, We Are Young Money, with his then-newly formed Young Money crew, Rebirth, and then I Am Not a Human Being. Late last summer, however, Lil Wayne finally delivered the people what they wanted, after being promised it for three years.

Immediately after the release of Tha Carter IV, Lil Wayne announced he had sequels to his 2010 albums in the works and a sequel to We Are Young Money. At the beginning of 2012, Birdman spoke on this, saying it was all up to Lil Wayne regarding which album would come first. With the second quarter of 2012 in full swing, the New Year suddenly is no longer very new. Now, with several albums released from Cash Money Records, the wait is on Lil Wayne.

Recently, MTV’s Amanda Seales caught up with Lil Wayne and she asked the question most hip hop fans want the answer to, does Lil Wayne have a new album in the works. Revealing his new album, Lil Wayne said his next release will be called Devol, which is “loved” spelled backwards. While he is working on this album, full of love songs, Lil Wayne did not seem as if he was going to release the project any time soon.

Watch the entire interview below: