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Drake talks working with The Weeknd on “Crew Love” [VIDEO]

By The Hip Hop Writer
Hip Hop Vibe Staff Writer

In a short period of time, Drake has released a number of hit singles, already setting records for most number one singles. Initially working with established artists, Drake has lent his vocals and name for up-and-coming artists, making hits. In the midst of those comments of him being “soft,” Drake has proven to be a versatile artist, as he croons on his “Marvin’s Room” single and then toughs up on Rick Ross’ “Stay Schemin.'”

Among the newer artists Drake has worked with include The Weeknd, another Canadain-based talent. Drake worked with The Weeknd on “Crew Love,” a song which became a major hit. Currently touring in Europe, in the United Kingdom, Drake discussed this popular single and how it came to be. Drake also explains how he was able to get in contact with The Weeknd.

Drake sat down with Choice Max FM and discussed this.

Watch the entire interview below: