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Hottie of the Week: Faith Rayah

By Lady Killa
Hip Hop Vibe Staff Writer

What began as a simple interview turned into much more. A native of Montreal in Canada, Faith Rayah is a jack, rather “jackette,” of all trades. Faith Rayah does it all, with her talents ranging from modeling and acting, to her business acumen, as she also manages talent. Given all she does, Faith Rayah agreed to join Hip Hop Vibe, scouting talent for us.

Beauty and brains, Faith Rayah is not to be taken as a joke. For over ten years, Faith Rayah has been acting a modeling, brushing shoulders with the likes of Nelly, Ghostface Killah, and Ludacris, as she has made a name for herself. With her hands in many pots, Faith Rayah is still set out to accomplish more.

Over the weekend, Hip Hop Vibe met Faith Rayah and realized she would be a beneficial addition to the team. During this time, Faith Rayah also agreed to conduct a short interview.

Read the entire interview below:

How long have you been in the business? I have been involved in the entertainment industry for over ten years.

You’re a model and actress, what other job titles do you hold? I am an artist, a manager, talent scout, booking agent, productions/coordinator, and promotions manager, as well as an event planner for her own co-management company, Mystical Sounds Productions. Before that, Faith worked with Universal Music/Pictures in promotions and event management.

Can you talk about running into the likes of Nelly and Ludacris? I was the manager for a couple of the concerts they held in my area.

Are you currently working on any endorsement deals? Of course, I am always searching for new ventures, but I do not want to say anything until the deal is completed.

You are also your own boss. Tell us about your company. My company is primarily based around modeling and acting, which are my primary job titles, even though I do much more.

Is it ever difficult managing models and actors, when these are titles you also hold? Models and actors are always easy to work with, in my case. If they are difficult, I end up ending the business relationship.

Will viewers soon see you on the big screen? I have starred in several movies, which have made it to film festivals, so stay tuned to see me on the big screen.

What is one interest or hobby you have which may shock people? The fact that I also write scripts and direct for films. I try to keep my hands in many different pots. Be sure to look me up, “Faith Rayah,” on Facebook, I love meeting new people.

See additional photos of Faith Rayah below: