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Lawsuit against Jay-Z dropped

By The Hip Hop Writer
Hip Hop Vibe Staff Writer

Now, for sixteen years, the world has had a front-row seat as Jay-Z has lived the life most people dream of, doing it all within his lifetime. As his lifestyle has evolved, so has the subject matter of his lyrics. On his debut album, Jay-Z rapped about the life of a street hustler with dreams of becoming rich, legitimately. By his second album, Jay-Z was rapping about flying first class on airplanes.

However, on his recent releases, Jay-Z has rapped about flying on private jets and spending millions of dollars on vacation. While Jay-Z exceeded the expectations of many, as he made it from the projects in Brooklyn to becoming one of the most-powerful record executives in history, he still has his fair share of problems. In 2010, a lawsuit was filed against Jay-Z by a private jet company.

The company was suing Jay-Z for $137,000, as Jay-Z used up 55 flying hours and only paid for 37. However, it was reported by TMZ that the charges against Jay-Z were dropped. TMZ guessed a settlement was reached before the case made it to court. Currently, the top thing on Jay-Z’s mind is his first born daughter, Blue Ivy Carter.