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Snoop Dogg working on new album, “Reincarnated”

By The Hip Hop Writer
Hip Hop Vibe Staff Writer

Twenty years have passed since Snoop Dogg was first introduced to the hip hop world, first appearing alongside Dr. Dre in the early days of Death Row Records. Initially, Snoop Dogg provided many gangsta rap hits, but he would grow tired of the “gangsta” ways of Death Row Records, leaving the label following the departure of Dr. Dre and the death of Tupac Shakur. Snoop Dogg’s career is filled with history, as he signed with Master P’s No Limit Records at the height of their success, but he would leave after three albums.

Snoop Dogg would eventually find a lifetime label home in the form of his Doggystyle Records, which he had been mentioning since he first entered the game. When he signed with Priority Records, Snoop Dogg officially launched his label. In the time since then, Snoop Dogg has toned down on the gangsta rap records and has managed to become a bankable star in both hip hop and Hollywood. Eventually, Snoop Dogg would land an executive role with Priority Records, which led to his return to the label.

Following the release of 2011’s Doggumentary, Snoop Dogg teamed up with Wiz Khalifa and the two have released several hit records. Now, Snoop Dogg is taking a break from his work with Wiz Khalifa to return to the studio for his own album. The album, Reincarnated, will be the twelfth studio album from the West Coast rapper. Along with the album will come a documentary.