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K’Naan talks Mitt Romney issues with MTV News [VIDEO]

By The Hip Hop Writer
Hip Hop Vibe Staff Writer

With the United States Presidential Election a few months away, the Republican Party is currently in the process of nominating a candidate to run against President Obama. After months of several candidates taking the lead in the Republican Party, Mitt Romney has emerged as the front-running candidate. Romney, the former governor of Massachusetts, has separated himself from the other candidates and has used K’Naan’s single, “Waving Flag,” during his political rallies.

On Wednesday, K’Naan released an official statement ordering Mitt Romney to stop using his music during his rallies. The statement went on to say if Romney’s campaign did not stop using the song, legal action would be taken against them. However, President Obama is free to use the song, if he wishes. Mitt Romney’s campaign agreed to stop using the song on Thursday, saying they were doing it out of respect to K’Naan. Still upset about Romney using his song, K’Naan finally broke his silence.

K’Naan spoke with MTV News about why he did not want Mitt Romney using his song. The comments often made by Mitt Romney are the antithesis of the type of music he makes. Mitt Romney has made controversial comments about enjoying firing people, when unemployment rates have been at all-time highs, and he recently said he does not care about the poor, as the economy recently recovered from a recession and people are still struggling. However, hip hop music, including K’Naan’s music, is about how the poor struggle and looking for a way out.

It often bothers K’Naan when music is appropriated the wrong way. While he will not permit Mitt Romney’s campaign to use his song, K’Naan did jokingly say Romney’s campaign has a good taste in music.

Watch the entire interview below:

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