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Drake facing lawsuit over “Marvin’s Room”

By The Hip Hop Writer
Hip Hop Vibe Staff Writer

When he was still working on Take Care, Drake released a song in anticipation of the album. The song, which was called “Marvin’s Room.” Known for making songs about past loves, “Marvin’s Room” was an angry demand for women to get over men mistreating them and come to him. On the song, there is also a phone conversation, which is an actual phone conversation between Drake and a woman.

The woman on the other end of the phone was revealed to be Ericka Lee, an ex-girlfriend of Drake’s and she filed a lawsuit against Drake yesterday. Lee filed the lawsuit against the Toronto rapper because she is excluded from the co-writer royalties of the song. Ericka Lee claimed she and Drake were both lovers and business partners from the early stages of 2010, until the middle of last year. The relationship was kept out of the headlines by Drake.

In 2011, Ericka Lee said Drake approached her about doing the song, which she agreed to. Lee recorded the hook for the song and said Drake told her she basically made the song and it would be shit without her. In July, Ericka Lee filed a claim about the song, as she constrcuted the hook and her voice is on the song. Cash Money Records later said the song was written by an “employer for hire.”

Following the success of “Marvin’s Room,” Ericka Lee said her relationship with Drake quickly ended. Drake sent her a text message which he stated he would give her a 2% publishing royalty. However, Ericka Lee hired a lawyer in November and Drake upped his offer to 4 to 5% and an additional $50,000 for her to keep quiet about his threatening phone call to her. Lee is being represented by Neville Johnson, who has previous experience battling Drake, Playboy Enterprises used the services to sue over “Best I Ever Had.”