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2 Chainz officially signs with Def Jam

By The Hip Hop Writer
Hip Hop Vibe Staff Writer

For months, there have been rumors of 2 Chainz signing with Def Jam. Under the alias, Tity Boi, he was one half of Playaz Circle. Having been signed to Ludacris’ DTP Records since he first signed with Def Jam, the duo finally made it to the spotlight with their “Duffle Bag Boy” single with Lil Wayne. But, in the four and a half years since then, the group has returned to the background.

In 2011, Tity Boi decided it was time to take matters into his own hands. The first move Tity Boi made was changing his name to 2 Chainz. Speaking on the name change, he said he felt he outgrew his initial stage name and that 2 Chainz is a better alias, as it is not controversial. During the summer of 2011, 2 Chainz hit the mixtape scene hard and discussed his solo deal.

From the beginning, 2 Chainz made it clear he would not sign with Ludacris. During an interview with XXL, he finally revealed where he would be going. Weeks ago, The Source announced 2 Chainz would sign with the legendary Def Jam and he confirmed this during his discussion with XXL. While he said Ludacris is still his homie, 2 Chaiz said his label is Real University, Two Gun Gang, Street Executives, and Def Jam.

As he hopes to release two albums in 2012 on Def Jam, 2 Chainz said he will be working with his label-mate, Ludacris on his debut album. With the news of the record deal comes news of 2 Chainz quitting the mixtape game.