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Machine Gun Kelly arrested in Florida

By The Hip Hop Writer
Hip Hop Vibe Staff Writer

Last summer, Diddy made a shocking announcement when he informed fans he had signed Cleveland rapper, Machine Gun Kelly to Bad Boy Records. The signing has helped to diversify the Bad Boy label because their roster has never boasted an artist like MGK. After signing with Bad Boy Records, Machine Gun Kelly began making himself known through releasing music on the internet.

In the fall of 2011, Machine Gun Kelly made headlines due to his feud with fellow Cleveland rapper, Kid Cudi. Their feud stems over the use of the word “rage.” When Kid Cudi gained fame, he popularized the use of the word “rage,” with the word being used to say “cool” and “raging” to say “having fun.” Machine Gun Kelly argued he was using the word before Cudi, but that it is a term used in Cleveland.

Machine Gun Kelly has also let his music speak for himself, releasing popular tracks, such as “STFU.” However, Machine Gun Kelly teamed up with Waka Flocka Flame for his first official single, “Wild Boy,” from his upcoming debut album, Lace Up. As he waits to release his debut album, Machine Gun Kelly has been performing at shows around the country. The most-recent trip for Machine Gun Kelly was his trip to Florida, which caused a bit of controversy for the rapper.

While in Florida, Machine Gun Kelly was arrested for disorderly conduct and released the next morning. Machine Gun Kelly discussed his arrest on Twitter, hinting at being involved in a fight and thanking God because it could have been worse. Speaking on his actual jail time, MGK said it was crazy because most of the inmates knew who he was and are following the “raging” movement. Machine Gun Kelly went on to say he hopes to visit every state on his spring/summer tour.