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Wale talks “Sweet” and working with Mark Ronson

By The Hip Hop Writer
Hip Hop Vibe Staff Writer

The success Wale dreamed of happened two years later than he expected, but it is often said things coming are better late than never. Rick Ross announced Wale would join his Maybach Music, which he did in 2011. Wale spent the early part of 2011 recording music and spent the latter part of the year promoting it.

Wale has become one of the biggest names in the game. Two months after the release of Ambition, his music is still receiving heavy radio rotation. Because he is one of the focal points of the rap game, Wale has been featured in several news articles over the past few months. Aside from Wale, another hip hop headline has been Common and Drake.

Last fall, Common released “Sweet,” which many felt was dissing Drake. When asked if he was dissing the Canadian emcee, Common said the record was for whoever took offense. Drake ended up taking offense to the record and responding. From there, Common called Drake out by name and the hip hop media has been buzzing ever since.

Among the benefits of signing with Maybach Music was the close affiliation with Young Money. Ever since Rick Ross emerged on the scene, one of his biggest supporters have been Birdman and Lil Wayne. Wale has recorded a couple of songs with Drake and is often spotted hanging out with him. However, when the disses against Drake began mounting up, Wale was relatively silent. During a recent interview, Wale was asked how he felt about the “Sweet” record.

Completely avoiding stepping in the middle of the “feud” between Common and Drake, Wale said he feels “Sweet” is a record challenging everyone to step up. Wale said if anyone is being dissed by Common, it is likely the radio stations. Speaking on the overall state of the hip hop scene, Wale feels hip hop is in a good place. The DC rapper went on to say he did not know if Common and Drake were even feuding with each other anymore.

Aside from discussing “Sweet,” Wale also confirmed rumors of him working with his former label boss, Mark Ronson. While he did not reveal anything about the collaboration, Wale said the project will be “bigger than hip hop.”