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Drake ends feud with Los Angeles tattoo artist

By The Hip Hop Writer
Hip Hop Vibe Staff Writer

It seemed as if Drake was sailing smooth after being featured on several hit records and then releasing his platinum album, Take Care. However, after the release of Take Care, things went downhill for Drake. In a matter of weeks, Drake was dissed by Ludacris, being called “soft” by the media, and was the center of more controversy. A woman had Drake’s name tattooed on her forehead and the picture circulated the internet and the tattoo artist had choice words for Drake, feeding into the “soft” criticisms.

After being dissed by Common and the tattoo artist, Drake spoke on the woman who tattooed his name on her forehead. While admitting he was flattered, Drake said he had no idea his “Free Spirit” song would have that type of impact on his fans. Addressing the tattoo artist, Drake said they would indeed meet one day and he would show him how “soft” he was. Discovering Drake’s reply, the tattoo artist responded, saying he was not afraid of the rapper.

Recently, there were rumors of Drake making good on his threat to the artist. It was said that Drake had two bodyguards enter the tatoo parlor in Los Angeles and beat the artist up. During this time, Drake was at the height of his feud with Common and more critics were calling him “sweet,” named after Common’s single, as opposed to soft. Following the altercation in the shop, the tattoo artist, Kevin Campbell, said the situation had been handled. However, people on Twitter began criticizing the rapper, saying he was definitely “sweet” for that move.

Making up for his mistake, Drake reached out to Campbell on Twitter, saying he was glad their situation was over and said there will be nothing but positivity from him from here on out.