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Album Preview: Obie Trice – “Bottoms Up”

By The Voice
Hip Hop Vibe Staff Writer

In 2009, Obie Trice announced his third studio album, Bottoms Up. The album continues the trend of Obie Trice’s alcohol-themed album titles. Much has changed for the Detroit emcee since he announced his third album. Among the changes have been his label situation.

Obie Trice was among the new artists Eminem debuted when he began developing the talent on his Shady Records roster. Aside from D12, Obie Trice was among the most-successful artists signed to the Shady label. However, by 2009, Obie Trice was searching for his own independence.

Leaving Shady Records, Obie Trice began working on his album his way. Even after going separate ways, Obie Trice still reached out to Eminem for a verse on the album. Other featured guests include MC Breed, along with several newcomers. Boasting such tracks as “Battle Cry,” “Hell Yeah,” and “Petty,” the album’s tone is set.

Following several delays, Obie Trice has a February 28 release date set for the album.

Track Listing

  1. “Bottoms Up (Intro)”
  2. “Going No Where”
  3. “Dear Lord”
  4. “I Pretend”
  5. “Richard” featuring Eminem
  6. “BME Up”
  7. “Battle Cry” featuring Adrian Reeza
  8. “Secrets”
  9. “Spill My Drink”
  10. “Spend the Day” featuring Dre Skidne
  11. “Petty”
  12. “My Time”
  13. “Ups and Downs”
  14. “Hell Yeah”
  15. “Crazy” featuring MC Breed
  16. “LeBron On” BONUS