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Charli Baltimore talks Leaving Murder Inc. and Irv Gotti

By The Hip Hop Writer
Hip Hop Vibe Staff Writer

There was a time when the Murder Inc. movement seemed unstoppable. Ja Rule had been in the public eye since 1998 and was one of rap’s most popular stars. However, in 2001, his crew was introduced and they also rose to popularity. Murder Inc. already had a female rapper, with Vita, so adding the veteran femcee, Charli Baltimore, appeared to be a power-play by Murder Inc.

In 2001, Charli Baltimore was featured on Ja Rule’s hit single, “Down Ass Bitch,” which was released during the spring of 2002. The song was used to launch the 2002 Murder Inc. compilation album, as a sequel, “Down 4 U,” was released. “Down 4 U” featured Vita, Charli Baltimore, and Ashanti, quickly becoming one of the biggest hits during the summer of 2002.

During this time, it appeared as if Murder Inc. was completely unstoppable and Ja Rule would be on top for years to come. However, the run was already into its final months. Charli Baltimore, along with several other Murder Inc. artists, left the label during this period of time. Recently, Charli Baltimore discussed why she left the label.

Charli Baltimore said Irv Gotti’s personal issues led to the eventual demise of Murder Inc. Records. The veteran rapstress said he had the ball, he just could not get it in the hoop. In Charli Baltimore’s opinion, Irv Gotti let personal issues get in the way of what was truly important, releasing good music. Before leaving Murder Inc., Charli Baltimore said Irv Gotti changed and things at the label became a little “gangster.” Upon leaving the label, Charli Baltimore said she and Irv Gotti did not speak for four years.