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KHAM Radio joins forces with Hip Hop Vibe

By The Hip Hop Writer
Hip Hop Vibe Staff Writer

The year of 2011 was phenomenal for Hip Hop Vibe and more of the same is planned for 2012 and the site is currently taking steps in the right direction. Internet-based radio station, KHAM Radio, of Shreveport, Louisiana has entered a partnership with Hip Hop Vibe. Over the next few months, fans can expect to see cross-promotion between KHAM Radio and Hip Hop Vibe.

KHAM Radio was founded by Ernest Lloyd Aaron Williams, better known as ELAW to those who know him. Williams launched KHAM Radio to provide something the Shreveport hip hop scene was lacking, a true hip hop radio station. Several Shreveport hip hop artists have been featured on KHAM, whether it is on the station or in commercials.

While KHAM Radio serves as an outlet for Shreveport hip hop artists, KHAM also provides exposure to artists and labels from all markets, as the station is highly popular. KHAM Radio is popular on the local scene, but has a rapidly-growing fan base around the country. In the near future, expect to hear KHAM Radio broadcasts on Hip Hop Vibe, along with promotional footage.