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Drake sends bodyguards to L.A. tattooist

By The Hip Hop Writer
Hip Hop Vibe Staff Writer

Several changes have occurred with Drake since he rapped “diss me, you’ll never hear a reply for it.” Early in the 2000s, hip hop was filled with gangsta rappers and beef. However, hip hop had been slowly mellowing out from 2007 onward. Drake represented this change, as he was a peaceful, party, rapper.

In the time since then, Drake has risen to become one of the most-popular rappers in the game and many have taken shots at him. Perhaps the most-personal problems have come from the veteran, Common, and the tattoo artist in Los Angeles. Last month, a woman made headlines when she had “Drake” tattooed on her forehead.

When the tattoo artist spoke, he had choice words for Drake, but said he will never tell a customer they are wrong. Drake discussed the situation on MTV and said he will one day meet the tattoist. During the interview, Drake alienated his initially peaceful style and threatened the artist, saying he would beat him up if they ever met. Many wrote this off as simple talk from Drake, but apparently he was serious, as he did arrange a meeting with the tattoo artist.

Drake arrived in Los Angeles and he paid a visit to the tattoo artist. On Twitter, a fan asked the tattoo artist what happened with his beef with the popular rapper. The tattoo artist said Drake came to the shop, but he stayed outside, as Drake sent bodyguards in to “pay him a visit.” After the altercation, which the artist said Drake remained outside throughout, the artist said everything was sorted out. Speaking on the situation, the tweeters said Drake is indeed sweet after this move and the tattooist said Drake should have left the situation alone.