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Will Andre 3000 release an album in 2012?

By The Voice
Hip Hop Vibe Staff Writer

Back in 2003, many felt Outkast would soon break up, as Andre 3000 and Big Boi released solo albums as a double disc, Speakerboxxx/The Love Below. In the time since the release of their joint solo efforts, Outkast has fallen out of the public eye. Big Boi landed a solo deal at Def Jam and released his debut album to critical acclaim.

While Big Boi is renowned for his talents, Andre 3000 is known as the creative force behind Outkast. Big Boi soaked in the spotlight throughout 2010, while Andre 3000 remained in the background. The most noise made by Andre 3000 in 2010 was the sample on J. Cole’s “Who Dat” single.”

However, Andre 3000 was highly successful in 2011, without releasing any music of his own. Lil Wayne recruited Andre 3000 for his multi-platinum album, Tha Carter IV, which led to several other top artists reaching out to Andre 3000. Soon, B.o.B. and Ke$ha had Andre 3000 verses for their new songs. Perhaps, the biggest songs for Andre 3000 in 2011 were Beyonce’s “Party” and Young Jeezy’s “I Do,” which also features Jay-Z.

Early in 2012, Andre 3000 has tremendous buzz and this is without having a mixtape, nor a single of his own released. A few years ago, Andre 3000 spoke on releasing a solo album of his own. Outkast’s current label situation would not allow Andre 3000 to release his own album. Still, though, Andre 3000 could do as Big Boi has and release an album on another label. Will Andre 3000 release his long-awaited solo debut album in 2012?