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Wiz Khalifa speaks on “Black & Yellow” rumors

By The Hip Hop Writer
Hip Hop Vibe Staff Writer

In 2010, Wiz Khalifa took over the rap game with his “Black & Yellow” single. For years, Wiz Khalifa had been building buzz on the local Pittsburgh hip hop scene. Before he was known by the masses, Wiz Khalifa had already released two street albums and several mixtapes. Late in the summer of 2010, he caught the attention of Rick Ross, who attempted to sign him to Maybach Music.

A small bidding war over Wiz Khalifa began, leading him to sign to Atlantic Records, providing a solid outlet for his Taylor Gang label. It was during this time when “Black & Yellow” became a breakout hit single, taking over the radio. Wiz Khalifa used this buzz to his advantage, producing a follow-up hit, “Roll Up.”

Last year, Wiz Khalifa won several awards for his hit singles and made headlines when he began dating former flame of Kanye West, Amber Rose. Currently preparing his second album, Wiz Khalifa now has a minor headache to deal with. Max Gregory Warren, a songwriter from Pennsylvania, is suing Wiz Khalifa over the “Black & Yellow” single. Warren claims to have composed a song in 2007 called “Pink N Yellow.”

Today, Wiz Khalifa spoke out, saying he has never heard of Max Gregory Warren. Wiz’s team said this happens to all rappers when they make it big. They said Warren is just some no-name rapper trying to make money off the “Black & Yellow” single.