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Wale contemplating Recording and Releasing “200 Miles and Running” mixtape

By The Hip Hop Writer
Hip Hop Vibe Staff Writer

Before Wale, no rap artist from the Washington, DC area had successfully entered the rap game. Despite all that stood against him, Wale forced his way into the game. Much like several successful artists before him, the mixtape game served as Wale’s breeding ground. Among the mixtapes Wale released during this period of time was 2007’s successful 100 Miles and Running.

The past four years have done wonders for Wale, as he landed a deal with Interscope Records, later moving to the popular Maybach Music, and has released two albums. Last year, Wale went on an incredible run and has become one of the biggest names in the rap game. Even with his success in the rap game, Wale still releases music for the mixtape scene.

Wale recently talked with the Washington Post about his plans for 2012. During the spring of 2011, Wale announced he had another album on the way. Perhaps before he releases his third album, Wale is considering releasing another mixtape. The mixtape, if released, will likely be a sequel to his 2007 mixtape, with the second edition being named 200 Miles and Running.

However, Wale is more focused on his album going gold before the end of April.