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Slim Thug talks “Houston” mixtape and Joint Album with Z-Ro

By The Hip Hop Writer
Hip Hop Vibe Staff Writer

Last year was a lackluster year for Houston hip hop, but one bright spot was Slim Thug. Throughout the year, he delivered his “Thug Thursday” series of songs. Every Thursday, Slim Thug released a new track to the public. Slim Thug closed 2011 with a new release, a mixtape called Houston. The mixtape was met with positive feedback from fans and critics.

Speaking on his Houston mixtape, Slim Thug said he had a lot of fun while he was putting the collection of songs together. For the first time since his teenage years, Slim Thug revealed he was truly enjoying his own music. Slim Thug revealed to he used to dislike going into the studio and recording, which he has now come to love.

Following the mixtape, Slim Thug says he has an album on the way. As he is preparing to begin his album, Slim Thug has another project in the works. The Houston emcee is teaming up with fellow Houston rapper, Z-Ro for a collaborative album. Slim Thug revealed the title of their upcoming release to be Hogg Life and a summer 2012 release date is planned.