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50 Cent threatens to turn Next Album into a Mixtape

By The Hip Hop Writer
Hip Hop Vibe Staff Writer

By now, it is no secret of the ongoing feud between 50 Cent and his longtime label, Interscope Records. In the beginning, things were going well for 50 Cent, as he and the G-Unit brand had released seven successful albums and produced a hit movie. However, as 50 Cent prepared to release his 2007 album, things began to fall apart. Curtis, the third album from 50 Cent, was faced with several delays and only went platinum upon its release.

At the time, 50 Cent was coming off the heels of two multi-platinum albums and he felt as if his run was not going to end. Immediately, 50 Cent blamed the failure of his new music on the lack of promotion from Interscope Records. Teaming with Tony Yayo, Mobb Deep, and LL Cool J, 50 Cent went as far as dissing Interscope boss, Jimmy Iovine, for things not going right. 50 Cent also pointed the finger on his mentor, Dr. Dre.

Upset over the lackluster record sales, 50 Cent said he would not re-sign with Interscope Records and would have a new label deal. In 2010, 50 Cent led many to believe he would end up signed to Def Jam, home of his rival, Rick Ross. However, 50 Cent signed a short-term deal with EMI Records, which has since ended. Recent claims from 50 Cent say Def Jam is broke and the G-Unit CEO admitted he would never sign with the label. Instead, 50 Cent has taken matters into his own hands to get his music out there.

Independently, 50 Cent released The Big 10 and has released a video for every song off the mixtape. Promising fans a new release before the end of 2011, 50 Cent delivered for them. Many have rated The Big 10 as one of the best releases of the 2011 hip hop season. Waiting to release his final album for Interscope Records, 50 Cent is still having trouble securing a release date. 50 Cent announced, via Twitter, he may turn the material he has planned for his next album into a new mixtape and release it for fans next year. The Queens rapper noted the success of his current street album and warned Jimmy Iovine not to force him.