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Fabolous speaks on Growing and Evolving on “Loso’s Way 2”

By The Hip Hop Writer
Hip Hop Vibe Staff Writer

Following the success of From Nothin’ to Somethin’, Fabolous was preparing to take over the rap game. Along the way, there were several snags, which led to Fabolous’ album being delayed. Early in 2008, he announced his Loso’s Way album, but the album faced many delays leading up to its 2009 release.

Fabolous announced Loso’s Way 2 and it was given a 2010 release date. However, Def Jam’s focal point had shifted to Rick Ross and Kanye West, at this point. With no solid release dates in sight, Fabolous returned to the mixtape circuit. Over the past two years, Fabolous has been met with critical acclaim for his There is No Competition mixtape series.

The success of the third edition of the series is what Fabolous hopes will carry over onto his next album. Fabolous has announced Loso’s Way 2 now with a 2012 release date in mind. In the next few months, he hopes to have a new single released. During an interview with MTV, the Brooklyn emcee discussed his upcoming studio album.

Speaking on Loso’s Way 2, Fabolous said the album is a work in process. Fabolous said he would like to grow and evolve on his next album, citing the growth he has had from album-to-album. His new album will also focus heavily on Fabolous’ relationship with his three-year-old son, which shows his growth. Fabolous said he was preparing for the birth of his son on his last album. Now, preparing his next album, his son is almost four.