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Common talks Drake, Nas, and Maya Angelou with DJ Whoo Kid

By The Hip Hop Writer
Hip Hop Vibe Staff Writer

Recently, Common spoke with DJ Whoo Kid, of about a number of issues. Common has been in the news over the past few weeks for various reasons. The primary reasons have been his supposed diss towards Drake, his collaborations with Nas, and his relationship with Maya Angelou. Those topics were again delved into during Common’s talk with DJ Whoo Kid.

DJ Whoo Kid mentioned Big Sean, who had earlier done an interview with him. During the interview, it was said by Whoo Kid that Big Sean was shocked about him dissing Drake. Common responded by saying his song was not a diss towards Drake, but everyone feels that way. In the end, “Sweet” was a hip hop song about “soft” rappers.

Common said the song was about rappers who make soft music, admitting he has made a few love songs, most notably “The Light” and “Come Close.” However, because Drake has felt offended by the song, Common said it must have hit it’s intended target. Earlier in his career, Common made statements, which led to a beef with Ice Cube, which ended well over a decade ago.

Because he is an artist, Common said he is going to speak his mind, but his overall goal is to make good music. Speaking on “Sweet,” Common said he is talking about how good he is and his song is primarily about talking shit. When asked about Kanye West, Common said they will always be brothers. Moving on from G.O.O.D. Music, Common said he is still a part of their family and he will be on their album. The next release from Common will be an album with Nas, called album, which will be released after Nas’ next album, which has no features from Common.

Speaking on the overall hip hop scene, Common said he enjoys the variety of artists out there. From 50 Cent to Kendrick Lamar, Jay-Z, Kanye West, himself, and Nas, Common said he loves the current hip hop scene. While Common has risen to take over the game, one more time, he ruffled a few feathers with Maya Angelou, who is featured on his album. Once again, Common spoke on the situation, expressing there is no beef between the two of them, even referencing their conversation on “106 & Park” about the situation.

Aside from music, Common is known for having relationships with several notable women. Among the women Common has had relationships with have been Serena Williams. Drake is currently rumored to be involved with Serena Williams. When he was asked if “Sweet” had lines aimed at Drake over Williams, Common said he does not beef over women. “Sweet” was purely a hip hop track, as Common has said several times. The conversation turned to Common and Chelsea Handler. He did admit to feeling her up, but Common denies ever doing anything with her.