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Mims finally releases “Open Bars” CD

By The Hip Hop Writer
Hip Hop Vibe Staff Writer

Early in 2007, Mims burst onto the scene, immediately topping the charts with his “This Is Why I’m Hot” single. While the song topped the Billboard Hot 100, Mims faced a major backlash, as many felt his music was a part of the decline on hip hop. Aside from his singles, many people did not check out his album, which left the New York rapper disappointed.

Following the lackluster sales of his 2009 album, Guilt, there were rumors of Mims leaving Capitol Records, his label home. Long before signing with Capitol Records, Mims made a name for himself as a mixtape rapper. Mims’ later success came, as he integrated himself with the Canadian hip hop scene. However, when he was ready to release his album, Mims went after his own deal.

Unhappy with his sales, and reception, Mims decided to return to the independent scene, releasing mixtapes and promoting himself on various hip hop sites. Early this year, Mims announced his Open Bars CD, which is interactive. Artists were to submit music to be a part of the album. Mims features Gudda Gudda, Travis Porter, and others on the project, which was finally released.