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MC Hammer owes $779,000 in Back Taxes to the Government

By The Hip Hop Writer
Hip Hop Vibe Staff Writer

Twenty years ago, MC Hammer was the biggest rap star on the planet. At the time, no rap artist had the fan base of MC Hammer. To this day, not many rappers have sold as many albums as MC Hammer has. While the rise of MC Hammer was incredible, his downfall is what has kept him relevant years after he released his final album.

Due to his success, as a rap artist, MC Hammer soon became a multi-millionaire. However, due to not properly managing his money, MC Hammer had to file for bankruptcy in 1996. The downfall of MC Hammer has led to several rappers speaking on it. On his “Country Grammar” single, Nelly mentions how the Oakland rapper blew his fortune.

Last year, Rick Ross released a single called “MC Hammer,” releasing a video for it. MC Hammer returned to the spotlight when Jay-Z mentioned his loss on Kanye West’s “I’m So Appalled.” After hearing Jay-Z’s remarks about him on the song, MC Hammer released a diss song, and a music video, called “Better Run Run.” In the time since then, MC Hammer has been relatively quiet. However, history seems to be repeating itself for the rapper.

Dating back to his 1996 bankruptcy, MC Hammer still owes $779,000 to the government. Taking action, the government has sued MC Hammer to regain the money.