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Young Jeezy talks Rick Ross feud and “TM103” push-backs

By The Hip Hop Writer
Hip Hop Vibe Staff Writer

Last night, Young Jeezy called into Hot 97 to discuss a number of topics. During his interview with Funkmaster Flex, Young Jeezy also premiered his track, “OJ.” While Young Jeezy released his new track, the most interesting parts of the conversation dealt with Jeezy’s relationships with other people. For over a year, Young Jeezy has been involved in a feud with Rick Ross, his own label-mate at Def Jam.

When asked about his feud with Rick Ross, Young Jeezy said he cannot explain what is going on between he and his former friend. Young Jeezy did say if Rick Ross wants to focus on him, it is his decision. Regardless, Young Jeezy said he is focused on himself and his album, which will be coming out in a few days. Following the release of TM103, Young Jeezy said he can talk more about the situation with Rick Ross.

Many fans have grown upset with the frequent delays of Young Jeezy’s album. Much of the blame was laid upon the shoulders of Def Jam. Even T.I., a fellow Atlanta rapper and longtime Young Jeezy supporter, called Def Jam out over the frequent delays of TM103. Now, Young Jeezy has broken his silence on the frequent delays of his long-awaited album. He said if there were any release dates for his album, those release dates were on Def Jam. Since he focused in on the album, earlier this year, Young Jeezy said he intended to release the album towards the end of the year.