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T.I. takes the High Road with 50 Cent

By The Hip Hop Writer
Hip Hop Vibe Staff Writer

With his album in the works, 50 Cent was looking forward to a beef. T.I., who is fresh out of prison, has been making his promotional rounds. The Atlanta rapper was featured on the cover of VIBE‘s year-end issue and he discussed a number of topics. Among the topics T.I. discussed were 50 Cent’s comments about his imprisonment.

Previously, T.I. discussed 50 Cent’s comments, which were if Tiny were his woman, he would have had her take the fall for him. In response, the first time, T.I. said the matter was the business of himself and his family. During his VIBE interview, T.I. said he does not hide behind his wife and if something like a prison sentences comes toward his family, he will be the one to take the fall, not his wife.

On Twitter, 50 Cent responded to T.I., threatening beef with him. Not only did 50 Cent threaten beef, he poked fun at his prison sentences and hinted to having him sent back. Given his short fuse, many anticipated T.I. striking back at him. However, T.I. has proven his maturity and he has decided to avoid a “tweet beef” with 50 Cent. Instead, Tip will continue to focus on his new music and the Grand Hustle movement.