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Drake responds to Ludacris diss via Twitter

By The Hip Hop Writer
Hip Hop Vibe Staff Writer

Ludacris made another high-profile return to the game, last week. With his next album delayed until 2012, Ludacris released 1.21 Gigawatts. During his time out of the spotlight, two mixtape rappers have risen to take over in the form of Drake and Big Sean. Before the stardom, the two rappers collaborated for a mixtape track. On the track, Big Sean used the “supa dupa” flow, which was then used by Drake on “Forever.”

Big Sean did not officially debut until two years later, but he mentioned Drake’s use of the flow he felt he originated. While not trying to be disrespectful, Big Sean also pointed out how the flow had been used by Ludacris, also. In an attempt to avoid conflict with Big Sean, Drake agreed with him and co-signed his claim of Ludacris also using the flow. These comments did not go ingored by the veteran rapper.

On his mixtape, Ludacris responds to both rappers on “History Lesson” and “Bada Boom.” Even though he did not mention Big Sean and Drake by name, it was obvious who Ludacris was talking to. During a radio interview, Big Sean avoided beef with Ludacris, saying he had no problems with him. Following his radio interview, Big Sean took time to vent about the situation on Twitter. Drake also tweeted about the situation, saying he wished the older rappers would let the younger rappers live. It was clear they were both talking about Ludacris, despite not mentioning him by name.