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Yelawolf discusses fans and Writing Music

By The Hip Hop Writer
Hip Hop Vibe Staff Writer

Before he was signed, many deemed Yelawolf the Southern version of Eminem. It was very ironic when it was announced Eminem had signed Yelawolf to Shady Records. Even before his record deal, Yelawolf was building a strong fan base. Yelawolf was amassing fans from all walks of life from all over the United States. Upon signing with Shady, Yealwolf was introduced to an international audience, gaining new fans in each market.

Recently, Yelawolf discussed his success in the music industry. With fans all over the world and from different walks of life, Yelawolf discussed his following. Coming from a small Alabama town, Yelawolf is happy to be living his dreams. Being followed by different people all over the world is a dream come true for Yelawolf and he has welcomed more fans to listen to his music. One thing Yelawolf loves about his fans is how high their music IQ is, as they listen to all types of music.

Earlier in his career, Yelawolf has been one of the many rappers who did not write his lyrics down on paper. However, as he has grown and has made more music, Yelawolf said he has learned how to put his lyrics down on paper and write his lyrics out. Writing the lyrics down is only one part of the song, from there, Yelawolf said rappers have to take the lyrics and put them into a song. Yelawolf said writing lyrics down is now like therapy to him.