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Ludacris disses Big Sean and Drake on “Bada Boom”

By The Hip Hop Writer
Hip Hop Vibe Staff Writer

Last year, Ludacris made a triumphant return to the game with his Battle of the Sexes album. His single, “How Low,” released late in 2009, was the first track off his comeback album. The song was noted for the change in Ludacris’ flow. In 2009, Big Sean originally intended to release his debut album, Finally Famous. While Big Sean’s album was not released during this period of time, Drake and Ludacris released new albums.

This summer, Big Sean finally had his run on the top of the game. Many compared Big Sean’s lyrical flow to that of Drake’s. Trying not to sound angry, Big Sean said Drake got the style from him, after one of their mixtape collaborations. Big Sean also said Ludacris borrowed his rhyming style on both “How Low” and “My Chick Bad.” Responding to the comments by Big Sean, Drake credited him for creating the flow and co-signed his Ludacris comments.

Since 2006, Ludacris has been less-involved in making music and more involved in his business ventures. However, during his time in the rap game, Ludacris was known for his high-profile feud with T.I. The two Atlanta rappers traded disses from 2004 until 2007. By 2008, the two rappers surprised the game when they collaborated and featured each other on their respective albums. Ludacris and T.I.’s feud reached new heights in 2007, when T.I. jabbed him for winning a Grammy award over him and Ludacris hit back at him on 50 Cent’s “I Get Money (remix).”

Four years have passed since Ludacris last dissed anyone. Before making his name in the big-time world of hip hop, Ludacris was on the mixtape scene. In 2011, Ludacris finally returned with his 1.21 Gigawatts mixtape. The mixtape features the song, “History Lesson,” which is a diss aimed at Big Sean and Drake. On the song, Ludacris raps about the people who have used the “okie doke” flow, as he plays snippets of songs from The Notorious B.I.G., Cam’ron, and Q-Tip, featuring them using the flow. While Big Sean accused Luda of stealing the flow, he made it clear he was not dissing Ludacris.

Regardless, on the “History Lesson” song, Ludacris calls out both Big Sean and Drake, but he does not mention them by name. He also talked with Sway Calloway on his Shade 45 show, “Sway in the Morning.” During the interview, Sway asked Ludacris if he was taking aim at Big Sean and Drake on the song. Ludacris did not give a direct answer, but said he does not start issues, he finishes them. The DTP boss mentioned how he was called out and he took the time to let the newcomers know about the history which came before them.