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DJ Tay Don’t Play to be on

By The Hip Hop Writer
Hip Hop Vibe Staff Writer

SODMG Goon$’ DJ Tay Don’t Play will soon be sitting down with to discuss several new projects. Before the end of this month, DJ Tay Don’t Play will officially launch his own Spaz Out Radio online station. In December, taping will begin for DJ Tay’s upcoming Hip Hop Vibe web show, “15 Minutes with DJ Tay Don’t Play.”

DJ Tay Don’t Play will speak with about his upcoming role here, on Hip Hop Vibe, along with his radio station launch. With his hands in so many pots, the head DJ of the SODMG Goon$ movement is preparing for a major 2012. Already, he has made a few major moves.

Aside from his interview with, DJ Tay Don’t Play will also sit down with Hip Hop Vibe for an exclusive interview, where he will speak on his current projects. His Spaz Out Radio is currently set to launch on November 15.