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Juelz Santana gets arrested for making Terrorist Threats

By The Hip Hop Writer
Hip Hop Vibe Staff Writer

In New Jersey, Diplomat Records’ Juelz Santana quickly found himself in hot water. The outspoken rapper was arrested for possibly making terrorist threats and disorderly conduct. It was revealed that law enforcement would not release any information, aside from saying the rapper refused to allow them to search his vehicle.

Upon refusing to allow the police to search his vehicle, it was impounded and Juelz Santana found himself behind bars. Juelz Santana was held behind bars for several hours before he was bailed out. The rapper’s bail was set at $46,500, but it was easily posted and Santana was released.

Over the years, Juelz Santana has had several run-ins with law enforcement. This is the second time, this year, Santana was arrested in New Jersey. In February, Juelz Santana was arrested for marijuana in New Jersey. Last August, Juelz Santana was arrested for driving with a suspended license and the August before that, he was arrested for domestic violence.